New Updates ready to go!

As always, we hear you and we constantly engineer our apps. This time we notice some we just add:

  • For Export Only; if your bill of sale contain items for export, Custom Border Protection requires a seal or note to let them know which must include the General Distinguish Number related to the business. Now you can chose to include marking you bill of sale as FOR EXPORT ONLY taking you GDN from your company sets. this will appear just before the items description.
  • Type of Sale; MV, DL, FL, SS is ok you can define in your shopping cart just before check out, don’t forget to mark for apply the new type.

Thanks for doing business with us!

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Now Features / Specs Sheet available to print!

Good news has reached your WebApp Truck Dealer. We listen to your suggestions and implement them to give you a good experience in managing your business.

Now you can print a sheet with the technical specifications of your vehicle, machinery or heavy equipment. This sheet is very common to see on the windows of vehicles for sale at most new vehicle dealers. It contains information such as make, year, vin, miles, load capacities, fuel, transmission … all the information that your customers ask for. Additionally, it has a convenient QR code, which when scanned by the smartphone will open the link to the digital sheet on your website.

How convenient!

In this way, you or your client will be able to share the information, managing to channel the purchase interest to the company’s website where there will surely be more to offer.

To know how to print it, go to your webapp and look for the specification sheet printing icon in your edition list or within the form for adding or editing items to inventory. You also find how in our online manual.

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Online Demo!

Finally we have a online Demo!

This is a really nice new for us. After many requests about a online demo for our clients and salesman, we upload a full version of the front website and the back-end system. You can test anytime our system with all the functions showed by our representative.

Just go to

Give us a try!

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Balance Payments Add-On ready to go!

Our last add-on to your tDealer has launched today. This option allows your company to get the payment of the client balance dues on your sales.

Every time you make a sale and this is checkout with a balance due, the systems will open an account to your client, which record the amount to get collected. You can save every payment make by your client until this balance is full paid.

To get this contact our representative in your area or by our contact form.

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Update – Error on Item edit

Fix the error 244 on the item edition. When the user do not define a transmission type, now the system allow leave it with out definition. If you cannot dowload your update, please contact our customer service agent.

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Updating your tDealer

We are continually improving our application to run your business efficiently. All our improvements and updates are posted here. If you already bought our solution and need any of our updates, please contact us ASAP.

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Update – No blank Bill of Sale

We have added a new security feature to the Shopping Cart preventing purchase bills of sale are authorized without buyer. You can contact us to send the new feature.


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Our last client!

Welcome to our tech solutions!

Carcamo Trucks Sales & Equipment is working now on our tDealer solution. Thanks for your preference.

This is the webpage Self-Managed by our dealer system.

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tDealer v1.0 Launched!


tDealer v1.0 ready to Demo

Try it at

The front webpage for your user is located at

Give us your comments.

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tDealer soon!

Transport Dealer

With this application you can take the basic control of trucks, machinery, equipment or other vehicle sales.

Customize your environment with data and business logos. Add heavy vehicles and sell them to your inventory carrying record sales and profits. Print your invoices automatically, report your income to the IRS and issue tax certificates required by the Comptroller of Public Account of Texas.

This is the first application of a whole system of transport vehicles for sale. A system designed to give full independence to manage inventory, sales and taxes.

No high costs and licenses, certified and safe technology. No expensive LAN needed. A really easy to go application to your dealer.

Contact us following the form below.

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